Shanghai residents are pinned to the ground and arrested by dozens of hazmat suit-wearing Communist officials after objecting to their apartments becoming a quarantine centre


PPE-clad police in Shanghai this week pinned down and arrested residents who objected to their homes being turned into Covid quarantine centres.

The Chinese city with 26million inhabitants has now spent more than three weeks in the world’s toughest lockdown in an attempt to eradicate the Omicron variant of coronavirus under the Communist regime’s strict Zero Covid policy.

Chilling video shared by social media users before being taken down shows scuffles in the streets today as cops forcibly restrained those who resisted. 

Dozens of buildings in the city have been converted to makeshift isolation hubs as local officials struggle to contain record infection rates.  

The city reported 23,000 COVID cases on Friday, down slightly from more than 27,000 the day before.

However, the number of symptomatic cases in that tally edged up to a record 3,200, from the 2,573 reported a day earlier – and experts have warned that the Omicron variant of the virus is too infectious to be controlled with lockdowns. 


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