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San Francisco Schools Chief On Erasing Lincoln: He ‘Is Not Someone I See As A Hero’

Last week, The New Yorker ran an interview with San Francisco school board President Gabriela López, a 30-year-old former teacher leading the district’s charge to bury American history. It’s eye-opening, to say the least.

López was elected on a campaign to cancel history. Under her leadership, the nation’s seventh-largest school district has spent its time not teaching its 57,000 students — who have been “learning” online for nearly a full year — but plotting to take the names of historic figures down from more than 40 district buildings.

The names targeted for removal include Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, and Democrat U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein. The effort is part of a wave of anti-American iconoclasm that has swept over the United States in the past year. It has included violent activists toppling and vandalizing statues illegally and city fathers taking down monuments and school names legally, sometimes in the dark of night.

Christopher Columbus, Robert E. Lee, and Thomas Jefferson are among the most-targeted historical figures in these ideological sweeps, as are religious figures including saints and Jesus Christ.

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