SF Bay Area – Homeless EXEMPT as residents ordered to stay indoors to contain the coronavirus

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Business Insider:

The San Francisco Bay Area will be directed to “shelter in place” at 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday until April 7 in an attempt to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

The order will require residents to remain indoors except for essential travel, like going to get groceries.

It will affect about 6.7 million people in the region, but the estimated 28,200 people living homeless on the streets are exempt and are encouraged to seek shelter until officials can find ways to house them.

The directive is not a full lockdown, so people will not be prohibited from leaving their homes without government permission. Instead, they’re directed to stay inside and avoid contact with others as much as possible for three weeks. Law enforcement is being asked to “ensure compliance” with the order, according to the Chronicle.

The order will affect about 6.7 million people across six counties. The region’s estimated 28,200 homeless individuals, however, are exempt, according to the Chronicle. They are instead encouraged to seek shelter, and city officials will try to find ways to house them.

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