Email Received by Dr. Savage

I am surprised at you. This is a kneejerk redneck reaction. Everything is out of the closet the 50s are long over, thank God 

I have always been a liberal in terms of a person’s right to choose their sexual identity.   And I am a liberal in many other ways.  Animal rights. Environment…decidedly liberal in regard to gay marriage and gay adoption.  I really believe it is ok to be whatever you want.

The problems arise when the group is polarized and outed for being different and weird.  Incorporation of “other behaviors” into the group is healthy for the society. I am quite sickened by the right wing homophobic and narrow banded view of people … it’s not something I ever liked about the so called conservatives, who more often than not are a group of rigid f***ed up people who behind closed doors do s**t we would find shocking.

The fifties were a mental and social strait jacket era, and many people suffered … so now we have a correction the other way… its only natural that this would happen. But it does not mean that the children are being abused which is the view of the right wing parents who by the way don’t want any sex ed in schools. Of any sort.

They want it kept at home. Would you rather live in a strait jacket world of the 50’s

I don’t care since so many people are bisexual and gay and/or transgender.

Evidently it has always been a high proportion of the general population just hidden as disgraceful behavior.

The church pushed all this behavior under the rug as it interfered with propagation of congregants.  And thus threatened their power base.

They wanted to keep the “deviant” behavior to the closed clergy class.  Ditto orthodox Jews and other orthodox sects.

All they want is reproduction to produce more slaves for the doxies and the factories and fields.  That meant enforcing man/woman.

I don’t want to live in a world where a boy can be decapitated because he has a moment of weakness about his sexuality.