Seth Jahn eviscerates US Soccer’s decision to remove him from council, reveals death threats

Fox News:

Jahn railed against the repeal of the organization’s anthem-kneeling policy

If you’re feeling lost, here’s the simple version:

  • The Soccer federation published a rule BANNING kneeling.
  • In June they repealed the rule, meaning they would ALLOW kneeling.
  • Jahn was against the repeal, meaning he was FOR the BAN on kneeling.

Seth Jahn, a 7-a-side Paralympian soccer player who was booted from the U.S. Soccer Federation’s Athlete Council for his speech railing against the repeal of the anthem-kneeling, doubled down on his stance and revealed he was receiving death threats.

Jahn, 38, posted an apology after the U.S. Soccer Federation chose to remove him from the council.

He was against U.S. Soccer’s decision to repeal the rule for players barring kneeling during the national anthem. The organization’s board voted to repeal the policy in June and it was affirmed in its annual meeting Saturday with more than 71% voting in favor of the repeal.

The rule was put into place after Megan Rapinoe became the first pro athlete to follow in Colin Kaepernick’s steps and kneel during the anthem to protest racism and police brutality. The U.S. women’s soccer team said last month that it was past the protest phase.

Hours after he was removed, Jahn wrote a statement saying he wouldn’t apologize and that his words were not a reflection on U.S. Soccer or the U.S. Extended Teams.

Jahn wrote: “I will never apologize for the statements I made, and will never bow down to the mob mentality of intimidation, bullying or the social media warrior’s gestapo tactics.

I’m embarrassed to represent a hypocritical federation that conducts a complete assault on diversity of thought without even seeking clarifying statements from me in their smear campaign. I’m embarrassed at the cowardice of so-called friends who bent over to the mob, knowing very well the quality of my character, in order to preserve their own image,” Jahn wrote.

“The overwhelmingly (sic) support I received from a number of people within the federation compared to the 30+ death threats I received from the insignificant rabid key board warriors was appreciated, but I implore you to speak publicly in your support in the future for those bold enough to challenge the status quo and not just privately. Nothing I said was racist and I’ve done more for people of color all over this planet at risk of my own life throughout the entirety of my 17 year career than the entire athletes counsel (sic) have done cumulatively, and I will continue to do so.”

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