Serbian president reveals grandfather was murdered in Holocaust – exclusive

For the first time, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic revealed to an international news outlet his personal story about how his grandfather was killed during the Holocaust. “During the Second World War… Croatians joined the Nazis with at the very beginning,” Vucic told The Jerusalem Post in an exclusive Zoom interview.

“The Nazis bombed Belgrade, but they entered Zagreb and they were greeted by the people and they formed the new state, a new Nazi puppet state, an Independent State of Croatia, which was encompassing an entire Bosnia and Herzegovina and big parts of today’s Serbia as well. The main task for them was to exterminate all the Serbs.” 

Vucic continued: “My father was born here in Serbia because the Croats killed his father,” he said painfully. He shared that it is still unknown exactly where his grandfather was killed. “There are some lists, which say that he was killed in the Jasenovac camp [in Croatia], but other [documents] say that he was killed in a different place. Anyway, he was killed by Ustase forces.”

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