Senators reintroduce bill reinstating military members fired over vax mandates: ‘We will keep fighting’

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz is reintroducing his bill to reinstate military service members who were fired over President Biden’s vaccine mandates, vowing he “will never stop fighting” for them.

Cruz hopped on the phone with Fox News Digital on Monday to talk about his military service member restitution bill, the AMERICANS Act, that he is reintroducing to the Senate with 12 of his colleagues.

The Texas Republican said the GOP “won a tremendous victory in the NDAA by finally stopping Joe Biden’s abusive COVID vaccine mandates that he had used to fire thousands of soldiers and sailors and airmen and Marines and Coast Guardsmen.”

“That victory is worth celebrating,” Cruz said. “That no more will servicemen and women be forced to choose between continuing to defend our nation and following their own conscience on questions of religious liberty and personal health care choices.”

“Unfortunately, that legislation that was passed was prospective only,” the Texas senator continued. “It stopped the mandate going forward, but it didn’t provide relief to the thousands of servicemen and women who were wrongfully fired, who were targeted for demotion, for forced retirements, for termination.”

“My legislation would provide relief to every one of those servicemen and women, would provide an avenue for those who want to return to service to be reinstated at their prior rank with full benefits. And for those who choose not to return to service, to ensure that their discharge is honorable, rather than merely a general discharge, and ensure that they receive the full benefits that they have earned defending our nation.”


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