Jerusalem Post: ‘Israel can sleep easy with Biden’s top foreign policy picks – analysis’

Of the 20 Democratic candidates who took part in the first round of primary debates in June 2019 in Florida, a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket was probably the best that Jerusalem could have hoped for.Remember, this was a field that included Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Beto O’Rourke, who were openly blasting Israel’s leadership, and hinting at the possibility of withholding military assistance to Israel if it did not alter its policies. And all that played extremely well with the progressive wing of the party.

Once Biden won the nomination, and then the presidency earlier this month, the concerns among those who very carefully watch Israeli-US ties shifted.

Okay, Biden and Harris both come from the moderate wing of the party and share the party’s traditional support for Israel. Granted, the progressives were roundly defeated before the party convention in trying to introduce critical language of Israel in the party platform. But wouldn’t Biden be beholden to the progressives for his victory, and might he not need to pay them off by giving them a large say in his administration, first and foremost when it comes to drawing up foreign and national security policy?

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