Melissa DeRosa’s Comments on Boss Cuomo are Raising Eyebrows

Town Hall:

DeRosa still thinks that her boss handled the pandemic flawlessly.

It was Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa who told lawmakers that the Cuomo administration withheld the accurate number of COVID-19 nursing home deaths because they feared a DOJ investigation. The administration put the initial numbers at about 7,000 deaths, but more recently we learned that over 15,000 people died in care facilities. Then more damaging reports came out that Cuomo’s senior advisers pushed state health officials to alter a July report on nursing home fatalities. Last March, Gov. Cuomo enacted an order that forced recovering COVID patients back into nursing homes. He denies that the mandate had anything to do with the massive tragedy.

And yet DeRosa still thinks that her boss handled the pandemic flawlessly. On Twitter on Monday, DeRosa insisted that we should not let the nursing home scandal overshadow the fact that Gov. Cuomo handled the pandemic with “competence.”

New York state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi asked DeRosa if she was joking.  But then, Biaggi was one of three female Democratic lawmakers to be insulted as a “f**king idiot” by one of Cuomo’s aides, Rich Azzopardi a few years ago.

And Azzopardi is still callously disregarding the folks trying to find answers, even those who lost family members to COVID in nursing homes last year. Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean, who lost both of her in-laws, was dismissed by Azzopardi as a lowly weather girl for seeking answers.

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