Secret unmanned US spaceship causes chaos as it lands in Florida

A secret, unmanned US Space Force X-37B ship landed early on Saturday after spending a record 908 days in orbit, causing Florida residents to fear it was a UFO after hearing sonic booms. 

The solar-powered vehicle, which looks like a miniature space shuttle, landed at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center around 5.15am on Saturday after launching in May 2020 on its sixth mission. Its previous mission lasted 780 days.

Its unexpected return left some Central Floridians fearing for their life as a loud sonic boom sounded in the early morning hours and houses shook when the spacecraft returned to earth. 

The boom could be heard from Titusville to Kissimmee, according to Fox 29

Twitter user Robert Haas, wrote: ‘Woke me up, thought something hit the house, Facebook and Twitter seem to confirm it was what I thought, sonic boom seems likely.’


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