Secret Service reportedly changing presidential detail over concerns current agents loyal to Trump

Biz Pac Review:

The U.S. Secret Service is planning to shake up the presidential detail, adding more agents who know Joe Biden and worked with him when he was vice president, according to a Wednesday report.

The changes are being made because some allies of Biden are concerned that some current Secret Service members attached to the presidential detail are aligned with President Donald Trump politically, two people familiar with the moves allegedly told the Washington Post.

“As Biden readies his new administration, the Secret Service plans to bring back to the White House detail a handful of senior agents whom Biden knows well from their work more than four years ago guarding him and his family when he was vice president,” the paper said.

That said, the Secret Service routinely makes changes to staff when new presidents are inaugurated, a move designed to bolster trust from the incoming head of the Executive Branch of the agents who not only protect him but who are often close by during private moments and sensitive discussions with administration members, the Post added.

The coming changes, however, are taking place amid unusual circumstances, in that President Trump hasn’t conceded to Biden, insisting that the election was stolen from him. At the same time, his campaign is continuing to pursue legal challenges to ballots counted in states that, his lawyers insist, were cast following unconstitutional changes to voting rules and procedures ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

In addition, the Post reported that during President Trump’s tenure, criticisms arose that some members of the Secret Service backed his political agenda.

One example, the Post said, is that over the summer as the pandemic lingered around the country, some on the president’s detail pushed other agents and Secret Service officers not to don masks because Trump felt that mask-wearing projected weakness.

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