Second ‘outbreak’ hits USS Roosevelt as five sailors test positive for the coronavirus and are removed from the aircraft carrier

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  • Sailor started experiencing coronavirus symptoms and was removed from ship
  • Four other sailors in close proximity to the infected sailor were also removed 
  • Those four crew members also ended up testing positive for the coronavirus 
  • Additional 18 sailors were whisked off ship due to close proximity with infected 
  • First outbreak on USS Roosevelt occurred in March when about 1,100 sailors were sickened and one sailor died from the virus
  • That outbreak led to the firing of Capt Brett Crozier who was relieved from his duties on April 2 for sounding the alarm about the outbreak onboard the ship 

A Navy official claimed that the new cases may be the result of a testing issue rather than a renewed outbreak. 

News of the second potential outbreak comes just two months after about 1,100 crew members on the ship tested positive for the virus. One crew member has died.

More than 4,000 crew members went ashore last month. While more than 2,000 are back on board, at least 1,000 are still testing positive for the virus and remain on land. 

And the close to 700 crew members who had been protecting and running the Roosevelt and systems aboard have now moved into hotels and other facilities on the island for their quarantine.

When it’s time to return to the ship, boarding takes place in slow, meticulous waves. Wearing gloves and masks, the crew members climb onto sterile buses only after they’ve had two negative tests for the virus. 

They are screened and checked when they get on the bus and again before they board the ship. And even a simple sniffle can get them turned back.

Those who had stayed on the ship did deep cleaning four times a day.