First U.S. coronavirus victim is in isolation, tended by a robot

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KOMO News, Seattle –

The Seattle area man who is now the first confirmed U.S. patient to be diagnosed with the mysterious Wuhan coronavirus remains in isolation, and based on an interview with medical staffers, officials are taking extraordinary precautions to protect his health and that of medical center staffers.

The man remains under medical review, and authorities said Wednesday that they have identified 16 people who were in “close contact” with the patient and they are now being monitored in case they develop symptoms related to the virus.


According to Dr. George Diaz, the head of the infectious disease program at Providence Regional Medical Center, the patient is isolated and will remain so until officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say it’s OK for him to be released from isolation.

According to Diaz:

  • Hospital staffers use a robot with a stethoscope to care for the man, an attempt to limit physical contact with him.
  • The patient resides in bio-containment room that is about 20×20, and it has security guards and four specially trained nurses who are assigned to his case.
  • Only 10-12 credentialed healthcare workers have access to room, and only a very few of them have have actually been inside his quarters.

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