Seasoned Reptile Rescuer Extracts 92 Rattlesnakes from Under California Home


Almost 100 rattlesnakes were found and removed from under a California home by Sonoma County Reptile Rescue on October 2. Al Wolf received a call from a woman who reported seeing a rattlesnake under her home, according to KTVU. Wolf arrived on the scene and was shocked at what he found next. “Within a minute, I find a rattlesnake. Ok great,” Wolf told KTVU. “I get it into the bucket, and then I see a second rattlesnake. So I get that and put it into the bucket. Then I move another rock, and I find a third rattlesnake. Then I see two babies,” he said. Wolf said the discovery of the snakes and “unmistakable smell” of rattlesnake excrement prompted him to go to his car to retrieve more tools, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. After nearly four hours of finding and removing snakes, Wolf collected a total of 81 venomous Northern Pacific rattlesnakes, including 59 babies from the Santa Rosa residence on the Mayacamas Mountains, according to the San Franciso Chronicle. After his initial visit, Wolf went back to the home two more times and discovered an additional 11 snakes, raising the total to 92 venomous rattlesnakes. “I was tickled pink,” Wolf informed the Chronicle. “It’s what I like to do, and I generally get a call and find one, maybe two rattlesnakes. But when you start finding stuff like this, I think, ‘Oh good, this is a really worthwhile call.’”

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