Sealing borders saves lives during coronavirus pandemic: Devine

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It’s the mantra of the World Health Organization and globalists everywhere: The corona virus does not respect borders. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu keeps telling us so: “This virus does not respect borders.” G-20 leaders last month pledged to act as a “united front” against the virus that “respects no borders.” Chinese officials agreed the virus “does not respect borders or discriminate between races.” “Coronavirus offers an excuse to close borders,” declared the left-wing Guardian newspaper this week. “That would be a mistake.” But this makes no sense. It is ideology, not science. Closing a country’s borders is the ultimate in social distancing. And, as we see from the island nations of Australia and New Zealand, sealing their borders in mid-March was crucial to their successful efforts to control the coronavirus. Both countries ignored the WHO’s advice and, as a result, have escaped relatively unscathed from the pandemic, garnering international praise for their handling of the crisis.