Sea turns red with blood in Faroe Islands as dozens of whales and dolphins are slaughtered

The Sun:

Like lambs to the slaughter, whales and dolphins are hacked into.

THE annual butchering of whales and dolphins is well underway in the Faroe Islands, as disgusted animal lovers slam the bloodbath as “sad and barbaric”.

Sea Shepherd Global said that it was a “Return of the Bloody Fjords” as 252 long-finned pilot whales and 35 Atlantic white-sided dolphins were slaughtered on just one day, sending crimson-tinted waves onto the shore of Sandvik.

It’s an annual event, with campaigners failing to step the blood-letting.

The activists explained on Facebook that the mammals “were killed in the Danish Faroe Islands after the huge pod was found off Sandvik [a shallow fjord].

“This is the first organised “grindadrap” slaughter of 2020, after a halt in hunting to avoid large gatherings due to Covid-19.

“Sea Shepherd ships may be banned from entering Faroese waters, but each year our volunteers are there to document the ongoing slaughter of dolphins and pilot whales.”

Gruesome photos of the trapped and executed animals prompted one outraged animal lover, Sue Owens, to comment: “Why are they still slaughtering these magnificent creatures. It sickens me through and through.”

Susanna Blythe Saidi added: “Why would people do this? Humans are the virus.”

Nel Klop agreed saying it was “so very sad and barbaric”, while Carol Balmer posted: “The world is dying of [coronavirus] and still they slaughter defenceless animals.”

But Rich Bergman pointed out: “They gotta eat. They have no livestock or much vegetation.”

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