Scum of the earth hypocrites laugh at America at fashion party

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Activist A-listers walk all over Met Gala’s America theme

Monday night’s Met Gala was meant to be a celebration of American style, highlighting everything from stalwarts like Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren to avant-gardists like Telfar and immigrants like Prabal Gurung who achieved their dreams in the good ol’ US of A. The official theme was “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.” But it seemed like the night’s creative director was 1980s wrestling heel Iron Sheik, who used to scream “Iran Number one. Russia Number one. USA haack ptooey” while simulating spitting on our great land. What is usually fashion’s most glittering event instead had hypocritical socialist politicians, one in high-end duds that cost more than most families make in months, co-chairs wearing foreign designers and a guest list more interested in scoring intersectional points than style points. Take, for example, 22-year-old non-binary actress Amandla Stenberg. On the red carpet, the star — who uses both she and they pronouns— said that she was surprised by the theme, considering that we are living through such “polarizing” times. Her solution was to represent the black and queer community instead, as if they have separate passports to show at international airports. But isn’t it wonderful to live in a country like America, where you can represent whatever identity you chose and not have to acknowledge the freedom that allows it? Surely the ladies in Afghanistan share her sentiments. Of course, AOC turned up in an extravagant Brother Vellies dress that declared, in red letters, “Tax the Rich,” which is pretty ironic considering that, at $35,000, a ticket to the event could have been a down payment on a house in most parts of the country. She said she wanted to “enjoy” herself while also making a statement. The statement would actually have meant something had she worn her mom’s house dress and brought her plumber as a plus one.

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