SCOTUS Hands Major Victory to Christians, Strikes Major Blow to Angry Atheists  

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The Western Journal

The city of Boston violated the free speech rights of a Christian group by refusing to include the group’s flag in a third-party flag-raising program, according to a unanimous Supreme Court ruling released Monday. The flag-raising program was meant to promote diversity and tolerance but, according to Reuters, the city refused to fly bearing the image of a cross submitted by a local Christian group called Camp Constitution. Prior to Camp Constitution’s submission, all 284 flags submitted to the program were accepted. This included the flags of various foreign countries as well as at least one LGBT Pride flag, according to Reuters. In October, following some litigation over the matter, Boston compared the Christian flag to the types of symbols used by terrorist groups and Nazi organizations, Reuters reported. The city claimed that it could not “publicize messages antithetical to its own” and that opening up the flagpole to “all comers” would eventually force the city to raise flags antithetical to its values. A lower court had previously affirmed this argument. However, the Supreme Court’s 9-0 ruling Monday overturned that court’s decision.

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