Scott Gottlieb Predicts ‘Rapid Acceleration’ in Virus Cases in Week’s Time

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News Max:

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is predicting that the United States will experience a “rapid acceleration” in the number of COVID-19 cases in roughly one week.

During an appearance Monday evening on “The News With Shepard Smith,” Gottlieb said the coronavirus pandemic is about to get worse.

Saying the U.S. is around “a week away from seeing a rapid acceleration in cases,” he added that the virus will “want to spread” when the colder weather sets in.

“The summer was a backstop, of sorts, to the spring surge, and we have no therapeutic backstop,” he said. “The fall and winter season is when this coronavirus is going to want to spread.”

He added, “We can look to happier days, but these are going to be some tough months ahead.”

The U.S. experienced more than 57,000 additional cases of the virus diagnosed on Monday. Overall, 8.4 million Americans have gotten sick and more than 225,000 have died, according to

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