Scotland police blasted for report describing pedophiles as ‘minor-attracted people’: ‘Baloney’

Fox News

Police in Scotland have sparked outrage for describing pedophiles as “minor-attracted people” in a report. Officials said the language in the year-end report was based on terminology used by the European Union. In a year-end report, Chief Constable Iain Livingstone said police have worked on a project that’s main agenda is “to develop understanding and approach to avoid the victimisation of children by engaging Minor-Attracted People (MAPs) and providing them with the necessary support, treatment and guidance to help prevent criminal activities.” The phrasing in the report drew criticism from many in Scotland who said the police were normalizing sex crimes against children, Scotland Daily Express reported. “Spouting these euphemisms simply masks the reality and their danger,” Kenny McAskill, Alba Party MP for East Lothian and former SNP Justice Secretary, told the outlet. “I very much welcome the common sense approach from Police Scotland, though even in commissioning documents these euphemisms should be avoided as they mask the reality and hide the horror. The term in whatever context is baloney.” Maggie Mellon, an independent social work consultant, said that the term “MAP” leads to “danger of normalising and therefore perhaps decriminalising a serious offence.”

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