Scientist Recommends Eco-Friendly Sex to Prevent Contributing to Climate Change

An environmental sustainability scientist in Nigeria is advising people to fight climate change by having “eco-friendly” sex.

” For some, being eco-friendly sexually means selecting lubes, toys, bed sheets and condoms that have less impact on the planet,” Dr. Adenike Akinsemolu said. “For others, it entails reducing the damage in the creation of porn to workers and the environment. Both examples are valid and of importance.”

The BBC reported on how sex products are adding to climate change, including condoms made with fossil fuels:

The U.N. Population Fund estimates around 10 billion male latex condoms are manufactured each year and most are disposed of in landfills. That’s because most condoms are made from synthetic latex and use additives and chemicals, meaning they cannot be recycled.

Lambskin condoms, which have been used since Roman times, are the only fully biodegradable option. However, they are made from the intestine of a sheep and do not prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Many lubes are also petroleum-based, and therefore contain fossil fuels. This has led to a rise in water-based or organic products. And homemade options are becoming more popular. Dr Tessa Commers has more than a million followers watching her TikTok videos on sexual health. Her most viewed video – with almost eight million watches – is a recipe for homemade lube made from cornstarch and water.

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