Schumer slammed for dancing at NYC concert amid Afghanistan strife

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NY Post

Sen. Chuck Schumer was ripped on Twitter for dancing with funnyman Stephen Colbert backstage at the We Love NYC concert amid the ongoing catastrophe in Afghanistan and as the coronavirus pandemic continues to surge across the US. “​Backstage antics​,” wrote Mayor de Blasio’s press secretary Bill Neidhart in a Twitter posting Saturday before the star-studded concert in Central Park was abruptly canceled because of storms and lightning generated by Hurricane Henri. ”Must be a slow news day,” wrote a Twitter user, showing the video of Schumer and Colbert dancing with images of a child in a man’s arms in Afghanistan. Another called out the Senate majority leader and the late-night talk show host for failing to take the situation seriously. “These are not serious people. Good thing there’s nothing else going on that may require the Senate Majority Leader’s attention. As to Colbert, he becomes less & less relevant with each passing day​,” a social media user said. ​ Schumer was also blasted for appearing tone-deaf even as thousands of Afghans are desperate to flee Afghanistan and Taliban rule.

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