Schumer Nears Make-or-Break Moment to Deliver on Biden’s Agenda

(Bloomberg) — Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer faces staggering policy challenges — President Joe Biden’s economic agenda, voting rights legislation and another risky debt limit fight — constrained by GOP leader Mitch McConnell’s hardball tactics and Democratic disunity in the 50-50 Senate.

Schumer has set an end of the month deadline to break a deadlock among Democrats over Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar economic plan. That would pave the way for the House to clear a separate bipartisan infrastructure bill. Backed up after that is a Dec. 3 deadline to fund the government and once again raise the government’s debt ceiling.

Senators are returning to Washington on Monday, and meetings are expected to continue throughout the week.

While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also has to manage party divisions on Biden’s plan, Schumer must deal with McConnell and a Republican minority that can throw roadblocks in front of the rest of the Democratic agenda, including voting rights, immigration and a host of other 2020 campaign promises Schumer may never be able to deliver.

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