School removes Fs from its grading system to fight systemic racism, allows students to retake failed tests


A Minnesota middle school will no longer give students “F” grades in an attempt to combat “systemic racism” and will allow students to retake failed tests. The new policies were enacted after an “equity audit” purportedly found “grading disparities among students of color.”

Sunrise Park Middle School in White Bear Lake announced that teachers would no longer give “F” grades to students. For the 2021-22 school year, test scores of 59.49% are no longer “F” or failing grades, but are now considered a grade of “I.” No matter how low the score is – including 0% – any grade below 50% is automatically raised to 50% based on the new grading system for the school that serves students in grades sixth through eighth.

“Our whole intent is to ensure that grades focus on the process of learning,” Principal Christina Pierre said in a YouTube video explained the new school policies. “Therefore, grades will not include behaviors, attitude, tardiness to class, whether the assignment was turned in late or on time. There’s other ways that we can communicate those things to parents.”

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