Shifty Schiff sees ‘profound and disturbing echo’ of impeachment in Trump’s coronavirus response

The Hill:

Rep. Adam Schiff, the California Democrat who played a central role in President Trump’s impeachment and Senate trial, said Friday he sees a “profound and disturbing echo” of what unfolded late last year in the administration’s coronavirus response.


Schiff claimed that Trump disbanded the pandemic preparedness office put in place under the Obama administration because of a “fundamental insecurity” he has toward former President Obama.

“He had to get rid of it because it was a product of the Obama administration, and the fundamental insecurity he has toward his predecessor meant he had to do away with anything associated with President Obama,” Schiff said.

“Well, that left the nation unprotected. … Leaving our country vulnerable because he felt that was politically advantageous was so true to form. His character will not change, he will not change, and now it has such tragic and deadly consequences,” he added.

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