Oakland Mayor Plays Lookout for Criminal Immigrants, Must Be Arrested

On Saturday, the liberal mayor of Oakland Libby Schaaf took to Twitter to warn illegal immigrants that “multiple credible sources” told her ICE was “preparing to conduct an operation in the Bay Area, including Oakland.”

As a result of the Oakland mayor’s illegal acts only 150 criminals were arrested. Countless criminal aliens ran and hid throughout the state of California. This mayor of Oakland collaborated with criminals, with drug dealers and let them escape before ICE could arrest them. For this reason, I call upon the Department of Justice to arrest the mayor of Oakland for charges of aiding and abetting criminals.

ICE was not coming to arrest the ordinary, hard-working immigrant legal or illegal; their intent was to arrest those who had committed felonies and were on watch lists of various jurisdictions. After this warning, agents went around the state knocking on doors, detaining people on these watch lists. These were not ordinary bus boys or gardeners; they were criminals. These are the same people who killed Kate Steinle, who drive drunk, who deal drugs. The people who smuggle drugs and this liberal mayor took unprecedented measures to warn them. Now of course, Mayor Libby Schaaf says she was trying to protect families. She couched her criminality with liberalism, saying that she was ‘trying and keep families together.’ That’s the standard line for liberals. It’s always about children, isn’t it?

Acting ICE director Thomas Homan said what the mayor did was no better than what a gang member would have done playing lookout. She blew the whistle on a federal operation that was coming for these criminals. Schaaf violated federal law. What she did was endanger ICE officers. She alerted criminal targets, a reckless action based on her left-wing fanaticism and a political agenda. Now, her actions will lead to the escape of felons that could result in robberies, rape, or murder. If they do not arrest this rogue mayor, the Department of Justice is sending a statement out to the world that it is acceptable to break the law in California.