SAVAGE SAID IT FIRST! Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini: Regulate Tech Companies Like Common Carriers

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Michael Savage has been calling for this, for years! The big tech companies are analogous to AT&T which was broken up, and public utilities which are highly regulated.

Maybe Rep. Sabatini is a listener?

After a federal judge overturned a Florida law that attempted to rein in the Big Tech Masters of the Universe, State Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R) says Big Tech companies should be regulated like common carriers in the Sunshine State, a categorization that would be difficult to shoot down in court.

Currently the state representative for FL-32, Rep. Sabatini is running for U.S. Congress in Florida’s 7th congressional district at the next election on an America First platform. His platform promises to crack down on big tech censorship, end illegal immigration, and ban biological men from girl’s sports.

Florida’s 7th district includes parts of northeastern Orlando and its exurbs, including the towns of Sanford, Oviedo, and Geneva.

Responding to this reporter’s op-ed for Breitbart News on the need for common carriage legislation to rein in the tech giants, Rep. Sabatini promised to introduce legislation to that effect when the Florida legislature returns to session.

“I will be filing this bill in the Florida House this year,” said Rep. Sabatini on Twitter. “We must categorize tech companies as common carriers!”

Regulating tech companies like common carriers is well within the jurisdiction of state governments and legislatures. The state of Texas already has proposed legislation that would do just that.

Common carriage legislation would follow recommendations recently made by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

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