SAVAGE, others mock faux outrage of MSM ‘stunned’ that Israel would level a Hamas intel center


Washington Bureau Chief Julie Pace announced she was “stunned” after Israeli forces bombed a Gaza building housing media offices. Jerusalem claimed it was also a terrorist headquarters, housing Hamas’ military intelligence and research and development unit as well as offices of the terrorist-designated Islamic Jihad.

“So stunned,” Pace wrote on Saturday. “Our @AP bureau in Gaza has been destroyed by an Israeli airstrike.

Noting Hamas is a terrorist organization which uses civilian infrastructure to commit terror, many took to Twitter to mock Pace’s astonishment.

“LEFTIST PROPAGANDISTS  at  AP  &  AL JAZEERA shocked that ISRAEL  Blew up their PROPAGANDA headquarters in GAZA (embedded in a housing complex),” wrote longtime radio host Michael Savage.

Donald Trump Jr., former President Donald Trump’s eldest son, posted an image mocking the supposed obliviousness of AP reporters in Gaza.

“I’m more stunned you were willing to put your office at the building of the terror organization Hamas intelligence hq, and use as a human shield for them!” wrote Yair Netanyahu, son of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Michael Doran, a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, posting a video of the Israeli strike on the Gaza tower, wrote “Hamas was using the AP and Al-Jazeera as human shields. Those reporters should do some reporting on what their presence was protecting.”

“The building housed Hamas intelligence,” wrote conservative writer David Horowitz.

“WTF was your @AP bureau doing in a building the house Nazi terrorist intelligence services? [sic]” he added.

“More ‘stunning’ is that the building management/owner is directly linked to Hamas through the g

Government of Qatar, a major financial backer of the terror group,” wrote television personality Eric Bolling. 

“Americans are stunned that the AP’s landlord is linked to Hamas,” wrote former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell.

“The @AP pays rent to the anonymous owner of the high rise that housed terrorists,” he continued. “Why is @jpaceDC and the AP hiding the name of the owner of a front company for Hamas?”

“Release the name,” he added. “It’s a crime to give money to Hamas linked individuals.”

“The story here isn’t you being shocked and appalled,” wrote journalist Jordan Schachtel. “The story is that AP decided to rent office space from a U.S. designated terrorist organization.”

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