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STUNNING PHOTOS! – Life with the world’s most isolated tribe: Beautiful pictures show the Marquesans – who live on South Pacific islands over 800 miles from the nearest civilisation

  • The isolated Marquesas Islands in the South Pacific are over 800 miles from the tourist destination of Tahiti
  • World-famous photographer Jimmy Nelson has visited the islands twice, snapping beautiful images there
  • He explained: ‘It is a beautiful part of the world and is still relatively untouched by the developed world’  

Life on one of the world’s most remote sets of islands, which are still only inhabited by its original tribal settlers, has been captured in a series of stunning photographs.

The ‘extremely isolated’ Marquesas Islands are one of the world’s most untouched civilisations, with its inhabitants blissfully still relatively unaffected by the developed world.

The islands are dotted in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 1,400km (880 miles) from the nearest popular tourist destination of Tahiti, in French Polynesia. 


And these stunning photos, captured by world-famous photographer Jimmy Nelson, show what life is like on the islands, which have become one of the world’s best-kept secrets.

Jimmy, 53, is known for his portraits of tribal and indigenous peoples – and has now visited the Marquesas Islands twice.

His amazing photos show off the panoramic vistas of the 12 islands – of which only six are inhabited – with their green, mountainous landscapes that inspired Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous adventure novel, Treasure Island.

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