SAVAGE CALLED IT – Hunger crisis in South Africa ‘on scale we’ve not seen before’

The Savage Archives, August 21, 2018:

In late summer 2018 Savage took up the issue of white farmers in South Africa who’d been victims of horrific murders and were having their land taken away by the communist regime running the country.

Savage hosted Lauren Southern, documentary filmmaker and activist who had just published her award-winning film: Farmlands

Lauren grew up listening to Savage on her father’s radio in Canada. And they have something special in common: Both have been banned from entering Britain!

Lauren said on the show “There will be starvation”. Savage put together a petition to the White House, urging Trump to give white South African farmers priority in immigration status for entering the United States. He ran the petition on his site for several weeks.

Now, it seems Southern’s & Savage’s prescience has been born out. There is famine in South Africa now.

“A record 45 million people across southern Africa are in need of in urgent need of food aid, the UN has said. The situation is expected to get even worse as the annual cyclone season begins. An unprecedented number of people in 16 countries across southern Africa are gravely food insecure as climate change wreaks havoc on the region, the UN’s World Food Program (WFP) warned on Thursday.”

‘This hunger crisis is on a scale we’ve not seen before and the evidence shows it’s going to get worse,’ the WFP’s Regional Director for Southern Africa, Lola Castro, said in a statement.

The crisis is impacting 45 million people — many of whom are women and children. The region has been hit hard by repeated droughts, widespread flooding and economic hardship.

And here’s a video documenting the current hunger crisis, predicted by Southern & Savage.