Satellite images show apparent Russian military convoy east of Kharkiv


Satellite images collected and analyzed by Maxar Technologies show an eight-mile-long military convoy moving south through the eastern Ukraine town of Velkyi Burluk on April 8.

The town sits to the east of Kharkiv, close to Ukraine’s border with Russia.

The images show “armored vehicles, trucks with towed artillery and support equipment” making up the convoy, Maxar said.

Some context: Ukrainian officials say major fighting is underway in the east of the country, with heavy shelling reported throughout the Donbas region, ahead of what they are warning may be a major Russian offensive. Ukraine’s defense intelligence chief on Friday told CNN that Russian troops are regrouping across the border and plan to advance toward Kharkiv. Officials have urged the evacuation of civilians from the region, as Russian forces shift focus to southern and eastern Ukraine.


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