Sarah Sanders blasts Bolton

Fox News:

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders criticized John Bolton on Tuesday for his behavior during his tenure as national security adviser, slamming him as a man “drunk on power,” adding that his memoir “shows at his core who he is.”

Sanders has her own book titled “Speaking for Myself: Faith, Freedom, and the Fight of Our Lives Inside the Trump White House” which is scheduled to be released in September. On Tuesday, she said she wrote in her book that Bolton “was your classic case of someone who was completely drunk on power who thought he was the president.”

“I think he’s a disgrace to the country,” Sanders, a Fox News contributor, told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday. “I think what he’s doing right now is absolutely appalling.”


“He was constantly pushing his own agenda, which was all he cared about,” she continued. “The big problem for John Bolton is that’s not how it works.”

Another quote from Sanders’ book (courtesy of Market Watch):

“Bolton apparently felt too important to travel with the rest of us,” writes Sanders. “We waited and watched as Bolton sped by and left us in the dust. The discussion on the bus quickly moved… to how arrogant and selfish Bolton could be, not just in this moment but on a regular basis.”

And this led to Mulvaney unleashing “a full Irish explosion on him,” she continues, claiming that Mulvaney hurled obscenities at Bolton: 

‘Let’s face it, John. You’re a f—— self-righteous, self-centered son of a b——!’ — Mick Mulvaney

Sanders claims that Mulvaney is normally “laid-back,” but the epithet “was the culmination of months of Bolton thinking he was more important and could play by a different set of rules than the rest of the team.

President Trump, for his part had this to say:

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