Sanders curses out CNN reporter when asked about failing campaign

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Bernie Sanders exploded into expletives when asked Wednesday if he would pull the plug on his ailing campaign. “I’m dealing with a f—ing global crisis,” the Vermont senator, back on Capitol Hill to vote on the $1 trillion Coronavirus bailout package, blew up at a veteran CNN reporter when pressed on the future of his White House bid after being thumped by Joe Biden in Tuesday night’s primaries. The foul rant was noted in a tweet by CNN Senior Congressional Correspondent Manu Raju recounting their conversation. “You know, we’re dealing with,” Sanders hastily added, trailing off. The Vermont socialist did not want to discuss his humiliating defeat to former veep Joe Biden, who swept Arizona, Illinois and Florida — instead insisting it wasn’t on his mind amid the COVID-19 pandemic and an aid bill he had to vote on. “Right now, I’m trying to do my best to make sure that we don’t have an economic meltdown and that people don’t die. Is that enough for you to keep me busy for today?” Sanders griped.


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