San Francisco’s new DA is dangerous

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Kim Guilfoyle, Former San Francisco assistant district attorney PRESSCALIFORNIA.COM

In terms of major policy shifts, the city of San Francisco has served as a political torchbearer of sorts for California — and at times, the nation. Now, with the city’s new, Bernie Sanders-endorsed district attorney, Americans across the nation should be concerned about how a radical shift in prosecuting for the Golden City could have immediate national implications. Within 48 hours of being sworn in on Jan. 8, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin fired seven veteran attorneys, including several who were responsible for managing critical criminal units such as homicide, gang, and general felony. As a former San Francisco assistant district attorney, I know this isn’t just a typical case of administrative shake-up. Rather, it is a dangerous and disruptive move that does a grave disservice to victims and the community.