San Francisco unveils taxpayer-funded open-air Christmas market that’s become dystopian hellhole after being besieged by city’s famed druggies

San Francisco’s taxpayer-funded open air Christmas market, hoped to be a wholesome holiday outing for families, is in fact a dystopian hellhole besieged by the city’s famed drug addicts.

At least that’s what concerned residents living near the market have revealed to, with one property owner filming and posting to social media what she’s described to be a ‘horrible decline’ in the area.

Her clip shows a homeless person under a blanket just a few yards away from the Winter Wanderland market in the sunken Hallidie Plaza, near City Hall.

The camera then pans down to the market itself, where two people dressed as cuddly characters perform on a small stage. Our camerawoman then zooms off to the left, and films a man swigging from what appears to be a bottle of brown liquor. 

The ‘Winter Wanderland’ has been set up at Union Square in downtown San Francisco, just minutes from the now closed Tenderloin Linkage Center. It was set up to help addicts get clean, but soon revealed widespread illegal drug use had been taking place.

The footage filmed by the concerned mother of two is in stark contrast to promotional material posted by the organizers of the holiday market on social media channels, who described the event as ‘family friendly.’


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