San Francisco Democrat under fire for using N-word in committee meeting


A civil rights attorney, local Democratic Party official and former San Francisco city supervisor is in hot water after repeatedly using the N-word during a public meeting last month.

Angela Alioto has apologized but is facing calls for her removal from the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee over the incident during an April DCCC meeting with African-American union members. Without self-censoring, Alioto had used the N-word during that meeting while responding to a remark from an African-American woman about hearing the racial epithet in the workplace.

“Full disclosure, I’m a civil rights trial lawyer,” Alioto said in a video of the meeting. “It’s what I do.”

Alioto said: “It’s the law that the word n—– in the workplace is racial harassment and racial animus. It’s a direct animus.”

She added: “You very rarely have direct evidence of discrimination. You very rarely have, ‘I’m not going to work with this n—– I’m not going to work with that n—–.’”

Alioto went on to talk about a case she worked on against Wonderbread, where a book called “How To Kill A N—–” was found in the cafeteria.

After her sixth use of the word, those in the crowd began to ask her to stop using the slur.

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