San Francisco DA Says His Father, Convicted Murderer And Former Member Of Terrorist Group, Should Get Out Of Prison

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San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin believes his father, convicted murderer and former Weather Underground member David Gilbert, should be released from prison due to the coronavirus pandemic. Gilbert and Boudin’s mother, Kathy Boudin, were convicted of murder in 1983 for serving as getaway drivers during a bank robbery that left three people dead at the hands of their co-conspirators. Both of Boudin’s parents were members of the Weather Underground, a far-left domestic terrorist group responsible for a series of bombings and other violent crimes at the end of the 1960s and into the 1970s. With his parents in jail, Boudin was raised by their Weather Underground colleagues. Boudin said his decision to clear out San Francisco’s jails during the coronavirus pandemic was motivated by his father’s circumstances. “In mid-March, I started emptying out our city and county jail because those living and working there face a grave risk of falling ill, dying and spreading COVID-19. My sense of urgency about this issue is professional, and it’s also personal: My 75-year-old father lives in a prison cell,” Boudin wrote in a Los Angeles Time op-ed on Wednesday.