San Diego ER seeing up to 37 marijuana cases a day — mostly psychosis  

NY Post

Meg and Scott knew something was going on with their son Kyle when, during the pandemic, he began refusing to get out of bed to attend class online. Up until then, Kyle had been like a dream son: tall, good-looking, strong, athletic, with a great sense of humor. He was such a good baseball player that talent scouts were checking him out, and had a decent chance of someday playing in the Major League. “He had the world by the balls,” his dad said. (At the family’s request, The Post has used pseudonyms.) Now, Kyle was constantly irritable and depressed and wanted to drop out of his New Jersey high school. Then, one night, he lost it completely, fantasizing that his parents wanted to kill him. “Zero touch with reality,” Scott recalled. The family checked Kyle into a psychiatric facility, where his delusions got worse. He thought his dad ran the mafia and had put Joe Biden in office. He demanded that his parents give him $10 million. Meg and Scott were sure their son was messed up on some hardcore drug. But when the institution ran a drug test, Kyle came up positive only for his prescribed Attention Deficit Disorder medication and for THC — that is, marijuana.

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