‘Sad’: Media, Conservatives React to John Fetterman’s Poor Debate

Media figures and conservatives reacted to Democrat John Fetterman’s debate performance against Republican Mehmet Oz during the debate on Tuesday night, calling it a “sad” disaster.

As Breitbart News reported, Fetterman had a poor showing during the debate, mostly due to his speech disabilities stemming from a stroke earlier this year. Routinely, Fetterman struggled to give coherent responses to moderator questions as he confused words and paused awkwardly.

Reporter Charlotte Alter of TIME called the debate a “disaster” while MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough called it “painful.”

Conservatives and other media figures said that Fetterman should not have agreed to the debate and blasted the Democrat Party for trying to hide the candidate’s medical issues from the public eye.

Not all were critical of Fetterman’s performance ,and some of his supporters even spun the event to say that he won the debate by just showing up and scolded Oz for looking cruel in the face of Fetterman’s handicap.


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