Russia’s Putin hails ties as he meets UAE president

Russian President Vladimir Putin has hailed his country’s ties with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) during a meeting with the Gulf state’s leader, and welcomed a recent decision by oil-producing nations to limit production as key to stabilising the global energy market.

Speaking on Tuesday at the start of his talks in Saint Petersburg with UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (MBZ), Putin described relations between the two countries as “an important factor of stability” in the region and the world “despite all the difficulties that exist in the international relations today”.

The Russian leader noted MBZ’s support for the decision last week of the OPEC+ group that includes Russia to slash oil production by two million barrels a day, despite pressure by the United States and other countries.

“Our decisions … aren’t directed against anyone,” Putin said.

“Our actions are aimed at ensuring stability in global energy markets to make both consumers of energy resources and those who deal with production and supplies feel calm, stability and confidence, to help balance supply and demand.”


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