Russian troops & 40-mile death convoy ‘move into attack positions’ near Kyiv as Ukrainians fortify ‘every street & home’


RUSSIA is feared to be planning another major assault on Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, as troops have been pictured moving towards the city.

Satellite images show Russian tanks and other vehicles heading towards Kyiv, while other aerial footage appears to reveal military equipment being stationed outside the capital.

The images from Maxar, which has been monitoring the invasion since the start, were taken close to Antonov Airport, just miles from the city.

A large military convoy can be seen travelling along the main road.

Images appear to show the infamous 40-mile “death convoy” of Russian vehicles stalled near Kyiv for almost two weeks has now “dispersed”, as rocket artillery is moved into firing positions for an assault on the city.

Today, the UK Defence Ministry has claimed Russia is likely to want to resume its offensive in Kyiv in the coming days.


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