Russian state TV tells viewers nuclear war is likely

Russian state media are saying nuclear war appears to be “a given” and “everyone will be destroyed” if the West “pushes us into a corner”.

One propagandist even suggested Western countries are the nuclear aggressors, when in reality it has only been Vladimir Putin ramping up nuclear rhetoric since the onset of the Ukraine war.

Another warned “taboos” associated with nuclear attacks “could be lifted in certain circumstances” by Russia.

The exchanges among commentators on Russian state TV were captured and translated by Julia Davis, a Russian media analyst.

Davis said there is currently “palpable frustration in the Russian media that many in the West misunderstood what Putin said⁠ – he was threatening the West, not Ukraine, with nuclear strikes. And so, droves of propagandists have been sent out to tell the West: push us into a corner and everybody dies.”

She was referring to Putin’s address to the nation on Wednesday, in which he pledged to use “all means” at his disposal to protect Russia’s territory.

This comes amid its ailing and so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine, which has gone catastrophically wrong for Putin this month.


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