Russian colonel dies after being run over by own troops, officials say


A Russian colonel has died after being intentionally run down by his own troops, who were upset over the casualties in their unit, Western officials said Friday.

Russian “Colonel Medvechek of the 37th Motor Rifle Brigade” was killed after being run over by his soldiers as a “consequence of the scale of losses that had been taken by his brigade,” the Evening Standard reported.

It was not immediately clear if the slain higher-up was the same person as Col. Yury Medvedev, who was reportedly wounded when run down by his own troops in a tank Thursday and evacuated to a Belarusian hospital.

The vehicular vengeance comes amid reports of plummeting morale in the Russian ranks.

With NATO estimating 7,000 to 15,000 Russian soldiers killed in the fighting to date, purported communication intercepts show the Russians are still suffering from logistical failures.


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