Russia-Ukraine war: One Israeli killed near Kyiv, one held captive  

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Jerusalem Post

Roman Brodsky, 37, was shot while in a convoy of cars leaving Ukraine • Yuri Shvidky, 51, was taken prisoner aboard a Ukrainian ship.

An Israeli national was killed by Ukrainian forces while trying to escape the country, the Foreign Ministry reported Sunday. Roman Brodsky, 37, left behind a wife and children in Ukraine and parents in Israel. Ukrainian soldiers shot at his car, which was in a convoy driving from Kyiv to the border with Moldova. The soldiers thought Brodsky and another Israeli who was in the car with him were Chechen forces, Channel 12 reported. Ukrainian soldiers stopped their car at a makeshift checkpoint, where they got into an argument, Channel 11 reported. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett sent condolences to Brodsky’s family Monday night. “In the name of all of Israel’s citizens, I want to send my condolences to his wife, his children, and his family in Israel and in Ukraine,” he said. “We will continue to do all we can to help Israelis come home.” In addition, an Israeli Ukrainian was taken prisoner after the Russian Navy detained a Ukrainian ship he was on in the Black Sea, the Foreign Ministry reported.

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