Russia Signals Annexation of Parts of Ukraine and Georgia


Russia’s state-run Tass news service on Wednesday reported that the breakaway areas of Kherson in Ukraine and South Ossetia in Georgia will ask to be incorporated into Russia.

South Ossetia’s “President-elect” Alan Galoyev said his government is ready to hold a referendum on joining Russia as soon as Moscow gives it the green light.

“I would like to clarify that my position is as follows: it is not a unilateral process. Today, we can see that our strategic partner, the Russian Federation, is coping with geopolitical issues, conducting a special operation in Ukraine in order to eliminate neo-Nazi formations,” Galoyev said, mouthing Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s preferred euphemisms for his invasion of Ukraine.

“We need to understand our strategic partner. As soon as there is a sign and there is understanding that the time has come, we will definitely hold a referendum,” he said.

Gagloyev won Sunday’s election against incumbent South Ossetian “President” Anatoly Bibilov, who also promised to take steps to incorporate with the Russian Federation. The U.S. and European Union joined the government of Georgia in denouncing the election as illegitimate.


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