Russia learning from past logistics, supply issues, but problems persist – US officials


Russia is attempting to learn from its early war supply and logistics issues as it prepares to launch a renewed offensive in Ukraine’s Donbas region, but is still grappling with the problem due to organizational and sanctions-related complications, American and Ukrainian officials said on Monday. 

Learning from logistical mistakes

“It appears as if they are trying to learn from those [logistics] mistakes,” said Defense Department Press Secretary John Kirby in a Monday briefing. “It remains to be seen whether they’ve actually fixed their problems. We still assess that on many levels in many ways, they still haven’t figured out logistics and sustainment. And they still have command and control problems.”

“In order to improve the logistics system, the Russian occupiers are deploying logistics centers and creating field bases for repairing and renewing damaged equipment,” The Ukrainian military noted in a Tuesday morning operational update.

Kirby said that the Pentagon’s assessment that the Russians were still preparing for a Donbas offensive was in part due to information that they were attempting to rectify these issues as they transferred artillery, helicopters, and command and support teams to the region. 

“These appear to be chronic difficulties that the Russian military has had in terms of logistics and sustainment, command and control, unit cohesion, operational maneuver, integration of air to ground. All problems that they still suffer from. So, it remains to be seen whether they have, quote, ‘fixed these problems,’ and are now ready to execute in a more efficient way in the Donbas.”


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