Russia closes airspace over Sea of Azov

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Jerusalem Post

Independent trackers reported that a number of Russian naval vessels entered the Sea of Azov as well on Sunday.

Russia’s Aeronautical Information Center issued a NOTAM (a Notice to Airmen) on Sunday which will close most of the airspace over the Sea of Azov starting at midnight between Sunday and Monday, as the US continued to warn that Russia intends to invade Ukraine.

A number of NOTAMs have also been issued partially closing the airspace over the Black Sea, with some of the NOTAMs having already taken effect and others taking effect later this week. The NOTAMs come amid heavy fighting in the separatist-held Dunbass region and as CBS News reported on Sunday that the US has intelligence that Russian commanders have been given orders to proceed with an invasion of Ukraine. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told CBS’s Face the Nation as well that the US believes Russia is “moving forward” with plans to invade. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov, in an interview with Ukrainian television on Sunday, rejected claims that an invasion was imminent, saying that Russian assault groups had “not yet been formed in any place where they surround Ukraine.” Reznikov added that, in his opinion, “to say that there will be an attack the day after tomorrow is inappropriate.” The defense minister stressed that this did not mean, however, that the risks are low or that there is no threat.

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