Russia Arrests Eight over Crimea Bridge Attack, Claims Ukrainian Defence Ministry Behind Bombing  


Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) announced that it has arrested eight people allegedly connected to the bombing of the bridge connecting the Crimean peninsula and the Russian mainland and went on to formally accuse the Ukrainian Defence Ministry of orchestrating the attack. On Wednesday, the FSB said that it has arrested eight individuals, including five Russian nationals as well as three Ukrainians and Armenians for their purported role in the Saturday truck bombing of the Kerch Strait Bridge, a strategically and symbolically significant infrastructure project for Moscow after it illegally invaded and annexed Crimea in 2014 with little pushback from Western powers. The Russian intelligence service went on to claim that the attack was orchestrated at the behest of the head of Ukrainian Defence Ministry’s Main Intelligence Directorate, Kirill Budanov as well as his “employees and agents”, Russian state-owned media Sputnik News reported. In addition, the FSB said that it has identified a further 12 accomplices in the Kremlin termed terror attack, including three Ukrainians, two Georgians, and an Armenian national. The spy agency said that it believed that they were instrumental in helping ship the explosive materials used in the attack through Bulgaria to Georgia, before being taken through Armenia. It also said that five Russian nationals were identified in helping forge documents for a fake firm in Crimea to receive the explosive materials.

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