Ruddy: Biden Is Listening to Trump


Donald Trump may have no interest in speaking to, meeting with, or even handing over the reins of presidential power to Joe Biden come Jan. 20. But in a funny way, Biden is listening to his soon-to-be predecessor.

We see Biden’s acknowledgment in many of his appointments to Cabinet-level and senior staff positions. The big story, lost in the mayhem of election-related news, is that Biden clearly wants a moderate Democratic administration. He is rebuffing the AOC-Sanders-Pelosi wing of the party that appears hell bent on tearing up a possible political consensus.

All of this could be good. It could be part of Trump’s larger legacy.

I wanted Donald Trump to win this election. But our Constitutional process finds Joe Biden the legitimate next president and we should respect him as such.

Newsmax was tough on President Barack Obama during his time of office; we often criticized him but praised him at times, such as when he made the courageous decision to kill Bin Laden. I am not naïve about a Biden administration’s agenda.

Recent calls for destroying the NRA and hints we may have unnecessary and draconian COVID lockdowns show the dangers. But Biden could have picked a far-left government. And so far he hasn’t. His big picks, like Tony Blinken for secretary of state and former four-star Army Gen. Lloyd Austin for defense, show just how centrist and establishment he wants to be.

CIA director: Biden’s most recent pick of William Burns, 64, to succeed Gina Haspel as head of the CIA took many onlookers by surprise.

Burns’ experience is rooted in diplomacy, not intelligence. He served 33 years in the State Department, including two ambassadorial stints: one to Russia and the other to Jordan. He’s been appointed to various State Department positions by both Democrat and Republican presidents.

The Biden transition team said that “he has the experience and skill to marshal efforts across government and around the world to ensure the CIA is positioned to protect the American people.”

Burns is said to be strong on national security and terrorism issues, and one former senior CIA official I respect tells me he is an outstanding choice.

Attorney general: Last week the president-elect nominated Merrick Garland to head the Justice Department as attorney general, one of the clearest signs he wants a centrist running the DOJ.

Garland, 68, is chief judge of the Circuit Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. He’s best remembered as being Obama’s choice to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. The Senate refused to vote on his confirmation (which, at the time, I thought was a mistake).

After Biden takes office on Jan. 20, Garland will face enormous pressure from leftist Democrats to engage in judicial witch hunts. Garland may be the one person with the gravitas to reject those demands.

Just take a look at some of his other picks.

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