Rolling Stone Magazine: Cancel Culture ‘Good for Democracy’

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Cancel culture is both “good for democracy” and a “way for a new generation of people to practice free speech,” according to a recent Rolling Stone piece celebrating the ostracization of those “guilty” of holding controversial positions, while assuring the practice is “here to stay.”

The Monday essay penned by journalist Ernest Owens and titled “Why Cancel Culture Is Good For Democracy,” begins by disputing the notion that cancel culture is a “new phenomenon that’s caused havoc on free expression and speech,” claiming it only “feels new” today “because of the digital platforms we have at our disposal.”

“We’re supposed to now assume that we can’t say or do anything without an angry mob instantly judging us and preparing to end our careers before they start,” the author writes, charging that, in reality, “we are the people who make up the so-called mob, and we have control of our own actions.”

According to Owens, cancel culture — which involves the public repudiation of people, brands, historical figures, and cultural works by a woke mob that now considers them overtly offensive — has “leveled the playing field for those who can’t always rely on the government to protect them,” given that “bigots” are currently “protected under the First Amendment to fuel disgusting rhetoric without state-sanctioned consequence.”